Truss - Blond Mask

Truss - Blond Mask

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Truss Blond Mask recommended for blonde, bleached, and gray hair. Promotes extra hydration and neutralizes unwanted orange tones. Contains violet pigments.

Hair type: Blonde Hair, Gray Hair

How to use: Apply product, after shampoo. Allow product to act for 5 minutes. Rinse. Indicated use: 1-3 times a week.

Active Ingredients:

Bio Affinity Complex: provides phytonutrients that repair damaged hair cuticles, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggression (UV rays, wind, excessive use of blow dryer, and flat iron). Restores strength, resistance, and natural flexibility, promoting stronger and softer hair. Promotes long-lasting shine, prevents split ends, forms a protective layer, and prevents discoloration.

Polisil: act in the cuticles replenishing moisture and elasticity to dehydrated hair.

Nano Restore: Amino Acid complex with low molecular weight Nano-keratin, regenerates the internal structure of the hair fiber.

Nano Repair: micro-particles that are deposited on hair with high amounts of Amino Acid charges (positive), creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch, and intense conditioning.

Vitamin E: antioxidant, free radicals protection, and anti-aging properties. Protects from sunlight damage because it is a natural humectant. Assists in hair growth and hair loss prevention.

Vitamin F: slows hair pigmentation loss. Revitalizes dry and damaged hair.

Wheat Protein: contains Vegetable Peptides derived from wheat. Protects and assists in restoring hair’s natural flexibility.

Wheat Germ Oil: stimulates and regenerates hair due to its high concentration of Proteins, Amino Acids, Glucides, Lipids, Phospholipids, Vitamins (E and B complex), and Mineral Salts.

Cottonseed Oil: it has a natural Sun Protection Factor, giving hydration and lubricity to the strands. Rich in Vitamin E, Palmitic Acid, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid.

Sweet Almond Oil: emollient, recovers damaged wires and dry tips. Reduces nourishing volume and provides shine. Helps to fight against dandruff and allergies on the scalp.

Sunflower Oil: avoids dryness and split-ends. Hydrates and provides shine.

Soy Lecithin: derived from Soybean, provides softness.

Tahiti Monoi Oil: 100% natural vegetable oil from French Polynesia. Rich in essential Omegas and Vitamin E. Acts as an antioxidant, restores, nourishes, protects, and deeply moisturizes.

Illipe Butter: an exotic fruit from the Pacific Islands. Rich in Fatty Acids that helps maintain the structure of Ceramides (Lipids) to maintain hair porosity. Restores hair elasticity.

​​Main Active:

Blend of Violet Pigments: act to neutralize orange tones in blonde and bleached hair, and yellow tones in gray hair.







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