Brazilian Blowout - Ionic Cleanser

Brazilian Blowout - Ionic Cleanser

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The professional Ionic Cleanser is a color-safe, sulfate-free and oxide-free, spray cleansing system that effectively removes cationic buildup while unblocking the cuticle for improved performance of Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments. A network of naturally derived anionic cleansing agents draw out and dissolve impurities- including chlorine, hard water minerals and styling product residue in just one wash without stripping color. This allows for optimal penetration of Brazilian Blowout solutions for noticeably better and longer lasting results for all hair types and textures.

In only one wash, Ionic Cleanser deploys a network of positively charged & naturally derived cleansing agents scientifically shown to:

  • Draw out & dissolve cationic (negatively charged) build up- including chlorine, hard water minerals and styling product residue

  • Provide superior cleansing without damage

  • Effectively unblock the cuticle

  • Optimize solution penetration for better, longer-lasting results

  • Cut service time by 10+ minutes without cutting corners

  • Contain no sulfates & no oxides

  • Won't strip or alter color

  • Thoroughly prepares all hair types for Brazilian Blowout treatment





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