Truss - Kit Fast Repair

Truss - Kit Fast Repair

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Truss Fast Repair – a 3-step system that promotes deep restoration of shine, softness, and elasticity to the hair, at the capillary level.

  • Step 1 – Bidimensional Shampoo, a gentle cleanser that hydrates while delivering glossy shine that nourishes while it protects. Great for all hair types and helps to extend the life of color-treated hair. Bidimensional Shampoo contains several key components such as the TRUSS Glow System, keratin for strength and healing of hair, and Phospholipids, which maintain the elasticity and permeability in the cuticle cells, to carry nutrients effectively.

Best use: Apply to wet hair and massage gently for 2 minutes, then rinse and repeat.

  • Step 2 – Lipidic, a treatment for the hair that restores lipids, balances the water content, and returns hydration, flexibility, and shine. Formulated with the 7-oil blend, Glow System, Sericin (silk protein), and other natural ingredients. Fast Repair Lipidic includes Truss’ proprietary blend of 7 oils blends that rejuvenates hair fibers. Those oils include hazelnut, almond, borage, wheat, Hiperico, sunflower, and white tea oils.

Best use: Apply on clean, slightly damp hair. Strand by strand, massage in and leave in for 10 minutes. Either leave on wet for slightly damaged hair or use heat (Truss suggests using their Steam Flat Iron) in cases where hair has low elasticity.

  • Step 3 – Intensive Nutrition, is a hair mask formulated with the 7-oil blend, Glow System, Cysteine, Pro-Vitamin B5, and other natural ingredients that restore shine, seal the cuticle, adding softness and vitality to hair. Ideal as an after-color treatment!

Best use: Apply sufficient amounts of Intensive Nutrition on clean, damp hair, massaging in from root to tip, for 5 minutes.

Hair type: Damaged Hair





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