Truss - Perfect Mask

Truss - Perfect Mask

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Truss Perfect Mask has a vegetable biosynthetic technology, which rebuilds the hair fiber, in addition to being endowed with perfect active ingredients for fine and brittle hair: Collagen, Keratin, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Over the years, the hair undergoes changes, making it noticeably thin, weak, dull, and much more vulnerable. The scalp and capillary bulge gradually change, resulting in an increase in fiber porosity, which makes the fibers opaque, weak, and without resistance.

The vegetable keratin is an active ingredient that has a high affinity to the hair, acting as an adhesive that cements the damaged cuticles, which are about to be withdrawn during washing or combing.

The vegetable collagen is an active ingredient that attaches firmly to the strand, causing the hair to cork, thus increasing elasticity and strength. Everything a fine hair needs.

The hyaluronic acid acts directly by filling the pores of the strand, maintaining lasting hydration. With that, the hair fiber becomes healthier, luminous, and soft.

Hair type: Fine/Thin Hair

How to use: After shampoo, apply the product, massage gently. Allow product to act for 5 minutes. Rinse.





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